SiGA Devices

Good day to all. Whats the meaning of S.A. number in SIGA devices? And can we change it?

Never seen Edwards programming before, maybe it’s the mapping address? I would think that there would be a way to change it.

I believe that is the “Short Address” or device number in the program. The device could be reprogrammed to another available address in the panel. 1-125 are detectors and 126-250 are modules

Yup, might be, but just wondering how can we change it or is it preset already? But the first time I used my SIGA HDT and a certain Photo Detector (A) with SN xxxx was assigned as No. 1, then the rest followed 2, 3, 4, 5 an so on. But when I inserted a new Photo Detector (B) with SN xxxx in the middle of the loop now became No. 1. Im not sure if I install another Photo Detector that it will be assigned as the new No. 1 ( I dont have extra at that time). Might as well try.

I’ve only used the HDT a couple of times to remedy a map fault issue. If you replace a detector with the same type, the system should accept it with no issues. If you add a detector the system will use the next address unless there is a vacant one in the program somewhere. Do you have the project and SDU to program?

Nah… just to map a fault first of the system. My boss will come afterwards for the program.