Silent Knight 5895XL Help

I just bought a Silent Knight 5895XL addressable power supply used from a building and while I was wiring it, I ran into some issues. I am tying this panel into my IFP-50 so I have the SBUS out connections going into the main SBUS terminals on the 5895XL and I have the SBUS out terminals of the 5895XL going to a 5860 remote annunciator which works fine. All the panel does upon startup is make a ticking noise and the green LED blinks once a second. The IFP-50 doesn’t even seem to acknowledge a new device has been added since I didn’t get a trouble. Any help would be appreciated!

Just taking an educated guess that it could be a compatibility issue.

The 5895XL information page shows it is “Compatible with 5700, 5808, 5820XL, and 5820XL-EVS IntelliKnight addressable fire alarm control panels.”

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … pid=5895XL”>5895XL Intelligent Power Module</LINK_TEXT>

The IFP-50 datasheet shows the “5496 Intelligent Power Module. 6 amp power module that provides four additional power limited notification appliance circuits.” as a compatible accessory. The 5895XL is not listed as an accessory.

The IFP-50 programming section shows this:


This section lists the options available under the module option in the program menu. The types of modules available for the control panel are, RA-100 (Keystation), 5824 (Serial/Parallel input/output), 5880 (LED Input/Output module), 5496 (Intelligent Power Module), and a 5865 (LED Annunciator).

Could be although the 5700 is the direct counter part of the IFP-50. The annunciator seems to work fine through it also. I’ll try testing to see if it goes into alarm later tomorrow, anyone know what it looks like when it’s normal?

The weird thing is that the 5700 manual doesn’t list the 5895XL as an SBUS accessory anywhere on the data sheet yet the 5895XL says on it’s data sheet it CAN be used with the 5700. I would think that the IFP-50 is just a reskinned Intelliknight 5700 just under the Farenhyt series of panels

Although I’m not too familiar with the complete list of differences between the regular Silent Knight and Farenhyt panels, unless the expander module is just defective, I’d wager a guess that it’s a compatibility issue. Silent Knight and Farenhyt are technically two different series. The only protocol compatible between the two is Silent Knight’s version of Hochiki protocol. The SK- and IDP- protocols are technically different and technically an SK-Pull and IDP-Pull will only work on IntelliKnight and IFP panels, respectively. Same thing for detectors and other modules. I know they are adamant at Silent Knight about respecting the different versions, as I once called tech support and asked if an IDP-Zone would work the same as an SK-Zone on my IntelliKnight 5808 and I was told on no uncertain terms that IDP devices are NOT to be used on IntelliKnight panels, and vice versa. I would imagine that these strict compatibility policies would also extend to most of the SBUS modules, especially if your 5895 is not explicitly listed as compatible with the IFP-50.

I know there is a gray area between the two versions, SK and IDP, since they both technically use System Sensor’s protocol, and some versions of some panels, like the IntelliKnight 5808, are rumored to not read the device’s ID code, which theoretically means that some SK-5808s MAY technically work with devices like the Notifier NOT-BG12LX (but don’t quote me on that and I would certainly NEVER rely on that gray area for actual life safety applications). Once again, I do not know for sure if this “ID Code/Compatibility Gray Area” would extend to SBUS modules.

I think so too, I went ahead and bought a Silent Knight 5496 which IS listed for compatibility with the IFP-50 (it’s also in the programming menu of the IFP-50) as a replacement. Thanks for the help!