Silent Knight - HFSS help

Hello I work for Siemens but they gave me a new installation SK 6280 job and I am remote programming during this time.

The videos on the website are OK but don’t show everything. it there a programming manual? I have never programmed Silent Knight before. I have all of my devices inputted but have some questions about input / output groups , activating speakers/strobes , canned message…etc

If there is anyone on here that is a guru I would appreciate some help

Thanks in advance

Is it possible that the device being mentioned is a 6820 and not a 6280? I’m not sure if I’ve heard of a 6280.

Here’s a link to the Silent Knight 6820 installation and programming manual:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … l_6820.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>

I believe the HFSS software suite is quite similar to the older SKSS used for the 57XX/58XX series addressable panels, the software is explained in great detail in the manual. Once you get familiar with Silent Knight’s unique use of groups and mapping, it becomes very easy to use. The panel should be able to upload its current configuration - input/output points, zones, mapping, etc to any PC running the HFSS (with the right codes of course).

Feel free to PM me with any questions and I will do my best to help, I’ve had some experience with the SKSS setting up input/output zones and mapping as well as configuring the EVS (voice component)