Silent Knight IFP 50 Access Code Reset

Hi everyone:

I have a Silent Knight IFP 50, and I do not have the access code. It is not the factory default 123456. Crazy as it seems, the guy who installed it is in jail, so I am out of luck there. Does anyone know a backdoor to reset the access code?

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But anyways… You might be trapped, Did you get this off ebay?

No, I am the owner of the building, and had the panel installed new in 2008 - but did not foresee the installer being unavailable due to jail time - I wish I had thought ahead and gotten the code from him, but now my new installer cannot access the module to reprogram a new ansul system that a new tenant has put in to a remodeled commercial kitchen.

Silent Knight technical support was pretty rude to me too…

Silent Knight won’t just give you that information because of the liability that is with it.

I checked with one of the guys at work, he said there’s pretty much no way to reset it. Your best bet is to either replace the panel or build a robot that can brute force hack the panel.

Give a licenced installer a call. See what they can offer. We do not offer back doors to life safety systems on this forum.

No backdoor for the IFP 50. Time to get a new panel.

You best bet is to save what you can by printing out the history log and capturing all the devices by pulling the SLC loop (w/ printer or hyperterminal connected). The installer for the new panel should do this to cut down installation time.