Silent Knight IFP1000 password help

Good morning,

I’m having a little issue on login in to walktest

I have tried default codes redacted basically anything and the password won’t work. Maybe the installer had a different password written down and didn’t give to the customer or wrote it down at the panel. Is there any other way to log in with a master password?

Hi and welcome to the forums!

I am not too familiar with Silent Knight panels but for most panels if the default codes have been changed there is no way into any other level as far as I know. I know some panels can be factory reseted but I would Definitely Not attempt to do that since all devices would need to be reprogrammed. I would attempt to contact the last company who serviced the system and get the code out of them. In the meantime, you would have to have a second person at the panel silence the alarms each time you activate it. Maybe someone else on the forums has a solution but I feel the advice I gave you is the only solution.

Some panels do have a factory reset procedure, but that would be complete overkill for your situation since you would lose all programming. I’m not even sure if this is possible with the IFP-1000. Though I would never change the user codes from their default values, it is possible for an installer to do this. They can only be changed with the master code, and the installer often sets that to something proprietary.

By any chance, have you turned the 1347 key in the control keyswitch? This eliminates the need to enter a password for many functions.

As an alternative, you can have a second person hit silence after each alarm comes in. Or you can do a silent test, only checking for each alarm to come in at the panel with audibles disabled, testing audibles at a different time. I usually do the latter since my tests are in occupied buildings.

Thank you for the replies. Yes I did turn the key and it still ask for a password when trying to log on walktest.

Having a second person at the panel is our last resort until we can figure out the password or have the customer contact the person that installed the panel and request a password only if he can remember lol