Silent Knight Panel Software

So as many of you know, (or for those who don’t know) I have upgraded my fire alarm control panel on my system from a Silent Knight SK-2 to an IFP-50 because of how big my system is getting (this is installed in my house and is not a life safety system in a building). While I was putting up the system, I initially decided that I wanted to put up System Sensor protocol devices but I found a problem, the installation sheet on the monitor modules and smoke detectors says that the panel has to be on software version 10.0 and my panel is on version 9.1 so I went to Hochiki protocol devices. Is there any way to update the software on my panel?

IFP panels are part of the Farenhyt division of Silent Knight and you can’t get the software for them.

The IFP-50 is an SK-5700 panel however it’s programmed different and the software from SK’s website will not work with it.

So I’m guessing this means that the SKSS software will not work with these panels?

Yep. SKSS = no go with an IFP panel.

Alright, is there any specially designed software for IFP panels because I noticed the serial port on the board, I also wanted to put in some custom coding options but since I can’t use the SKSS I don’t know if that’s possible yet it’s still an option according to the manual.