Simplex 2001 halp

Hi everyone. So, I’ve been trying to get my Simplex 2001-3081 repack up and running again, but haven’t had any luck in getting it to work properly. When I got this panel, all of the cards and card frame were removed, and only the motherboard and 556-661 power supply for AC horns were left. Given that, I have no idea how the cards in this panel was originally configured. The 2001 cards are interconnected via soldered jumper wires on the main board, and in order for the panel to work properly the cards have to be put back in the exact spot they were in given the jumper configuration, or else it won’t work properly. I got the zone cards working, but in it’s current configuration, the march time card functions normally but the signal card relays pulse off an on in normal state and do nothing in alarm, which is the opposite of what should be happening. I have tried consulting the scare documentation on this panel and have come up empty handed. I know there are a few other collectors with 2001 panels like this, so would anyone be able to help me figure out the original configuration? I would really appreciate any help I can get on this one.


When the system is in alarm, are the signal relays in an off position or an on position? There is probably a connection somewhere that shouldn’t be there. Would you be able to tell me the part numbers for all the cards you have installed? I’ll get the all the card diagrams out at some point and reference them to the posted schematic.

I may be able to help with that OP/SP card as well. I believe I figured mine out, but I have a DC system so things might differ a bit between ours.

When the system is in alarm, the relays are actually off. However, when it is in standby condition, the relays (on the dual signal card I assume) pulse off/on with the normal condition pulse rate of the marchtime card. So it seems to be it is doing the opposite of what it should be doing…anyways, here is what I have installed:

From left to right:

J1 556-879 (2001-1018) rev. F main fire/tbl control card.

J2 blank filler plate.

J3 556-249 (2001-3044) rev. H marchtime card.

J4 556-874 (2001-2076) rev. F dual signal circuit card.

J5 empty (don’t have a card for here yet, supposed to have another 556-874).

J6 and J7 556-082 (2001-1017) rev. M dual zone initiating cards.

J8 556-224 (2001-2060) rev. H OP/SP power monitor card.

There is also a 556-661 AC variable power supply that is hardwired to the main motherboard as well. I drew the connections going out to that in the diagram above. Everything else about this panel operates normally, it’s just the signal circuit that is not functioning correctly…

I’ll print out the schematics and take a look at what could be causing the issue. I’ll let you know what I find.

Ok, sounds great. Thank you so much, I appreciate it

Sorry for the massive delay Nick, I just started a new job and life has been chaotic. Do you have any jumpers or zero-ohm links (resistors with only one black band) cut on your signal card? Also, does your main control card have D25 cut?

D25 on the main control card connects to the “C” bus and needs to be cut for coded systems. I did not cut mine all the way off, it is just snipped and bent back a bit.

Hey, no worries, I totally get it. Started a new job in January myself. I don’t believe D25 on the main control card was cut, so I’ll have to give that a try to see what it does. Thanks again for your help.

Hold on if you haven’t cut it yet, I have a 556-880J fire/tbl control so the circuitry may be a tad different than yours. I’ll take a look at the schematics I have.

Can you double check the model number of the main fire/trouble control card? The 2001-1018 you listed above comes back as a zone card (556-916). I don’t want you to do anything that can mess up your panel.

Sure, the main control card is a 556-880. Unsure of the eight digit part number, however. I can’t seem to find that from the documentation I have on hand.

Alright, cut D25 on the -880 card. It is a wider diode near the A pin on the card, in the corner on the top. Don’t cut it all the way off, one small snip will do. Just bend it back a little bit so the ends don’t touch. Let me know how it operates after you do that.

Sure, I will let you know. I put it back in storage, so it may take a bit for me to get back to you on that, I have to find time to dig it out and mess with it. Thank you again for your help though.