Simplex 2001 Marchtime and Signal Card Wiring

I’ve been doing some work on my 2001 recently, and have decided to reconfigure my panel entirely for my own use. I’ve been looking into re-wiring the entire panel, and I need to know how the marchtime card (2001-3044) and signal circuit card (2001-2076) are interconnected. I took a look at the wiring diagram for the 2001 repack, and it seems like the marchtime card connects back to the main control card (2001-1007) on pads 105 and 5. Then, it appears as if pad 109 near the main control card connects to pin M and in turn pin 5 on the dual signal circuit card. What’s confusing me is that the diagram doesn’t show the connection for the signal circuit card passing through the marchtime card, which it’s supposed to do to my understanding. In addition, there are apparently a few jumpers (15-16 and 29-30) that need cut on the signal card and a diode (D25) that needs cut on the main control card, however, I’m not sure if perceiving this right and I definitely don’t want to cut or damage anything. If anyone could help me with this project I’d greatly appreciate it. I can attach a screenshot of the diagram I talked about if needed.

I have asked the same questions back in April 2017 on this forum. Anyone here who has the same questions look back to that month and year and look for my username and replies by Retired-STR-SG. Schematics are available.