Simplex 2001 Repack

Hi everyone,

I’ve had a Simplex 2001 repack sitting around for a while that I am finally getting ready to rebuild. The panel pretty much came gutted out, the only things it had in it were the main board, transformer and an AC signal module. In the year I’ve had it I’ve only gotten around to purchasing a card frame and am probably going to purchase the cards soon. There’s one issue though that’s preventing me from purchasing the cards at the moment, that being I don’t have the original configuration of the cards for the panel. Since I have no documentation or the original card frame with the labels, I have no idea where any of the cards go (besides the main control card, which is always the first on the left) or even what type of cards were used, such as single or dual zone/bell circuit cards. I have to place the right cards in the exact original configuration as well since the jumper wires connecting the card sockets together are soldiered onto the main board on mine unfortunately. So, this brings me to my question - is there any way to tell what the original card configuration was based off of the jumper wires (where they are soldiered, where they lead to, etc…)? Or is there anyone here on the forums that would be able to look at the jumper wire configuration and help me with figuring out where the cards go and what type of cards it had? I can post a picture of the inside later on. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks again,


I have some 2001 information plus I installed many of them years ago. Is this the one card row red box repack or the two card row black box repack?

It is the single row red repack with 8 cards. 2001-3081 is the model number if I remember correctly at the moment…

I don’t recall that the small repack box had the holes to mount an AC signal module so I think that was a field modification. Apparently is was wired into the system correctly. It was a module that went in the expanded (2 row) repack or the full size systems.

It might be possible to figure out what cards were in the system from the jumper wires. Use the documentation to plot what is going where and we can give it a try.

PM sent with links.

Ok, I’ll take a look at the documentation. Thank you for all your help so far!

I’m thinking that AC card has to have been original too…panel’s model no. tag has the signal output as 120V AC, plus the wire harness connecting it to the main board is soldiered on. If it was a custom job, whoever did it did a really good job making it look like something that would come that way from the factory.

That IS interesting. The AC signal module is a 2001-2077 and I never saw a small repack with one. None of the documentation I have shows adding a -2077 to a repack. That said, back then the company would not let a sale go by because we did not have a standard model for some application. Simplex had a system known as RPQ under which we would make non-standard systems to fit special needs. Looking at everything again the 2001-3081 model number does not show up on any of my documentation. Something a little special.

Ok, I finally got around to making a diagram of where all the jumper wires go inside of my 2001. The red wires are running between each of the card sockets while the black wires are what goes to the 556-661 AC module. Is there a way we could figure out the original configuration based off of what I drew up? I have a suspicion that the configuration went something like this: LEFT: Main control card, zone card, NAC card? march time card and then an OP/SP card on the far right, although I’m not sure of this. I tried reading the repack training manual and wiring diagrams, most of what’s on there doesn’t make much sense to me (I’m not great with diagrams). Will also try to post a photo of the inside here soon.

Just figured out the image I tried to put in my last post isn’t working. I can’t figure out how to post images on this site for the life of me. Once I figure it out ill post it below.

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