Simplex 2098-9201 Help

I’ve had my 2098-9201 smoke detector for a while now and works great! No problems at all, however when I take the head off, my panel (Simplex 4005) doesn’t go into trouble. I am almost certain that’s it’s supposed to give me an open circuit fault. I don’t have a wiring diagram easily accessible for this detector. My guess is I have the EOL resistor at the IDC in terminals and with that in mind, there’s no way it’s going to know if the detector head is missing. Am I supposed to put the resistor at another terminal or how does that work with this detector?


For any IDC, you put the EOLR (end of line resistor) at the end of a circuit. This way, the panel looks for it’s resistance and throws a trouble if it can’t find it.

Also, make sure you use all three contacts if you have three. One is ground, and two are positive in the case of a two wire detector. Use one positive for the wire from the panel then use the second one for either the EOLR or the next device. That way, if you take it down, the continuity between the two positives break, and the panel goes into trouble.

The End Of Line Resistor (EOLR) must go at the end of the circuit. It must not be connected at the panel on a zone that has a circuit of devices connected. The resistor is there for the supervision of the wiring and devices so a trouble will be reported if the wire breaks or a detector is removed. The drawing below is from the 4005 Field Wiring Drawings. The 2098-9201 could be installed in several different bases. If you post the number of the base you are using I probably have the detail drawing for that combination.

Another important item in fire alarm circuits is to wire them correctly. If you have a circuit that goes in multiple directions to connect devices be sure they are wired correctly. The illustrations below show correct and incorrect wiring methods.

It’s the 2098-9211 base. I just remembered the reason I put the resistor where I did is because I couldn’t figure out which terminals were for the next device, plus it’s the only device on the zone. I don’t have a manual for it. So I left it alone for a while since I was busy the last month.

Here is a drawing of the 2098-9201 in 2098-9211.

Link to manual on 2098-9201. Includes drawings on all possible bases and accessories.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … nual-2.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>

Thanks for the diagram! Will try later when I get a new pull station in the mail.