Simplex 2903 Manual

Hi. this is my first post here, but i would like to share my scan of the 2903 series’ manual.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … Manual.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>

Heres the model list:

2903-9001: lamp, 24vdc, rear mt

2903-9002: Lamp, Surface Mt, 24vdc

2903-9003: lamp, 24vdc

2903-9005: Lamp, dual Bulb, 24vdc

2903-9006: Lamp, 2 Bulb, Surface mt, 24vdc,

2903-9050: lamp, 120vac, rear mt,

2903-9101: Strobe Plate, 24vdc, rear mt

2903-9102: stobe plate, surface, 24vdc

2903-9150: strobe, 120vac

Hope this shows everybody some Simplex history! :slight_smile:

nice thanks