Simplex 4002 (4-bay Cabinet)

I recently got a Simplex 4002 panel, the 4-bay variant!

It has the full 32 zones. I also have a 2-NAC expander card and a relay card on the top rack, but I need a ribbon cable to connect them. The main CPU is a newer version with the “signals silenced” indicator and different power connectors. I purchased the CPU, signal expander, and relay cards separately.

This is now my largest and heaviest panel in the my collection (close to 100 lbs)!


Very cool! Does everything on it work?

Yep, fully functional!

That’s fantastic! I’ve loved these older panels

Awesome! Maybe if possible you oughta put together a small recreation of a typical 1980s/1990s Simplex system, the kind that would be seen with a 4002.

do you know what year it was made?

Cabinet was made in 1987, CPU board was made in 1994. I originally got the cabinet with just some zone cards.

I will be making a video on this panel soon, and I do plan to recreate a “typical” setup for the demo!

This is the exact panel that my elementary school was built with in 1995. It had 2901-9838 horns on 4903-9105 strobe plates.

In 2014 they replaced the system with a 4007ES- in an interesting way. They completely gutted the cabinet and replaced the 4002 guts with 4007ES guts. This essentially made a 4007ES with a 4 bay 4002 cabinet. It looks kind of weird because the 4007ES is very small for that cabinet and takes up less than half of the space. They did this because the 4002 was built into the wall of the main office when the building was constructed. It was flush mounted.

They upgraded to all addressable initiation devices but left the old notification appliances. I’m glad that they replaced it with a panel that doesn’t have FWR because the horns are still sounding good as ever today.

That is pretty interesting. I’ve heard of panels being mounted inside gutted 2001s and other large panel cabinets, though I wouldn’t expect a 4007ES to be shoved in there like that. It looks like you could shove a 4007ES inside a 4-bay cabinet, but the 4007ES is still on the larger side.

Yeah. They didn’t even have the cabinet for the 4007ES.

You could almost put the whole 4007 and case inside there.