Simplex 4002/4005 devices added to my collection

I struck gold today. One of the elementary schools we take care of underwent a full system replacement. I went to this school from 2011-2013, and to this day is still the coolest combination of alarms in any school I’ve went to. I don’t remember them being very loud, and the coding wasn’t always the same, I believe the first fire drill we did had the horns running on continuous while the lights coded to slow march time. Other times it was straight continuous, and they used code 3 as well. For it’s age this is also the most complete vintage Simplex system I’ve seen in the field. Thought we didn’t help out as much like we did the FCI FC-72 replacement. Like the FC-72 replacement, I saved almost every device on the system. The unsaved devices are as follows:
1x Simplex 4005 FACP (the guts were given to another local company as a parts doner)
1x Simplex 2098-9648 Duct Detector (Was reused with an address module due to lack of parts.
1x System Sensor i3 smoke (don’t know what happened to it but I don’t care)
A few trim and adapter plates (saved by other techs)

The devices I saved are as follows:

Simplex 4002 Cabinet. The original panel was a Simplex 4002, before being replaced with the Simplex 4005 retrofit kit sometime in the early 2010’s. This panel was recessed into the cinder block wall, so I had to chisel out a bunch of mortar around the panel. Oddly enough this 4002 cabinet doesn’t have vent slits on the top and bottom of the front cover. The front door also swings from the right, whereas others I’ve seen swing from the left. Here’s also the hole in the wall the panel left behind.

Simplex 4005 Trim Plate. I got the trim plate for the 4005, not sure what I’ll do with it since I don’t have a 4005 or a cabinet to use with it.

Simplex 2601-8005 Indicator Annunciator. I also got the indicator annunciator that the system used. Oddly enough it is made in October 1981, during the Simplex 2001 era. This school was built in 1988 and the 4002 is the original panel, so I’m not sure why they used 2001 era parts in a 4002 system, especially since the 4002 had a far superior annunciator available at the time. This one was also recessed inside a wall, this time brick. So I had to yank that out as well.

15x Simplex 2901-9838 on Simplex 2903-9001
1x Simplex 2901-9833 on Simplex 2903-9001
2x Simplex 4903-9429 TrueAlerts
3x Simplex 2903 Trim Plates
I scored big on the notification appliances, never have I seen so many 2903 light plates in one place. I remember these not being very loud when they went off, I think the Wheelock 7002T’s from across the street were louder as a kid. There is a lone 2901-9833 horn for some reason, and two TrueAlerts. One added later on, and one replacing a broken light plate sometime before 2011.

18x Simplex 4251-20
1x Simplex 2099-9754
I scored quite a few pull stations. The newer t-bar replaced a broken 4251-20 in the gym. One of the pull stations (also from the gym) has several cracks in the plastic that I’ve posted on the forum before. I also got a few plastic break-rods that weren’t broken.

2x Simplex 2098-9636 smokes on Simplex 2098-9637 bases
1x Simplex 2098-9201smoke on Simplex 2098-9637 base.
There were only 4 smokes in this whole school (the fourth being a System Sensor i3 that I didn’t receive). One of the 2098-9636’s was replaced at some point but I don’t know when.

Just like the FC-72 replacement, none of these devices are for sale yet since they’re nostalgic (not to mention very rare).

Wow, nice job! (though I do think it’s a shame you didn’t get the 4005 complete. Why was the circuitry given to another company?)

About that annunciator: while I don’t think I can explain the date of manufacture, according to Zak Wolf such annunciators were apparently commonly installed with 4002s (don’t know why as they match the 4207/4208 more & the 4002 can use the same annunciator as the 4005).

Another company took the 4005 because they had a 4005 in the field that was developing problems (they didn’t specify what went wrong), so they are using the panel as a parts doner for another system.

What was the 4005 replaced with anyway? Probably a fire lite system?

Fire-Lite ES-200X, with the same peripherals as the FC-72 system replacement.

Oh wow that was an extremely rare 4005 too. Simplex didnt use dress panels for the regular 4005 cabinet. They only used them for the 4002 retrofit kits. Ive only seen 2 other enthusiasts with one of those retrofit 4005s. I suggest you look out for some cheap guts and reassemble that panel because theyre definitely rare.

Btw, whenever you want to part with some of those 9838 combos, let me know. Id like to use some for my 4002 system.

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