Simplex 4002 Without Dress Panel

This is my school’s Simplex 4002 with the cover off and with 3 NAC circuits disabled and an open trouble on an initiation circuit for duct detectors while duct detectors are added where there never were any. The booster panel next to it is open as well.

The system’s likely being serviced currently, that’s why both panels are open.

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I mentioned in the initial post that duct detectors are being added where there never were any which is why it’s open. Adding that I’m not a fan of the rat’s nest of wiring in it.

Is that an EST booster panel?

Yes it is. It runs EST devices in the new additions.

How many of them are still intact lol

All of them. They’re ceiling mount EST Genesis with xenon strobes.

I was making an EST joke. sorry if that didn’t come across.

Oh, yeah I didn’t realize that it was a joke.

It’s all closed up and happy again today.

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