Simplex 4003 Voice Chip Replacement

I don’t know if this is fully possible, but I would really like to change the default voice chip to use the default 4100/u/es voice message. I have the .aiff file for the default message. I don’t know what chip it is as I see about 4 on the cpu board. It would really be appreciated if I could have some direction in going about this. Thanks a lot!

If you’re going to do that you are probably going to need a fair amount of embedded electronics experience. Most likely you’re going to be using a JTAG programmer. That’s about all the help I can give you.

I think you are heading down a dead end path. I assume this is the original version of the 4003, not a 4003EC. The 4003 audio is based on the original 4100/4100+ audio system. It does not use a standard computer audio file system. The 4003 can be used as you have it connected to a hardwired panel or it could be added to a 4020 which controlled it through an RUI connection.

The message you hear is not recorded as one complete audio file. The audio is digitized as separate phrases which are stitched together through programming to create a complete massage. The 4003 uses audio chipset CSET600 which is a modified version of a 4100 chipset created specifically for the 4003. In your system there should be a chip with a label identifying it as CSET600. That is the digitized audio used by the voice/tone generator chip to produce analog audio under software control. That EPROM chip is burned as other chips in 4100/4020 panels in Motorola format from a file compiled on a mainframe computer.

In a 4100 audio system or 4020/4003 audio system there are two files that are imported into the panel software. In a hardwired controlled 4003 that information is embedded in the system voice controller board. Those files have the instructions of what phrases to stitch together to create a specific message. The control files have to match the data contained in the chip on the board to work. If you replace the audio chip with some format and data that is not recognized by the software in the voice controller board the system will not work.

Ah jeez. Why can’t things just be simple :roll: . Yes it’s the original 4003 that was used with a 4020 panel. I think I’ll leave it alone.

However, if I get my hands on a 4003ec, where could I possibly find custom simplex messages? Is it possible without paying Simplex big bucks? Mostly likely not, but still would be cool to know.

The Simplex 4003EC is a private label manufactured version of the Wheelock Safepath SP40S audio panel. Both come with 8 factory recorded messages but the Simplex version uses some different messages than the Wheelock version. Both have the option to record a 30 second custom message in place of the any of the original messages. Once a custom message is recorded the original factory message can only be recovered by replacing the message chip.