Simplex 4004--9101- what Heat Detectors to use

Does anyone know which heat detectors to use with an older Simplex 4004-9101 conventional zone FACP?

Probably a 135 fixed temp would work.

I’m thinking the 4098-9733 heat detector will work but not sure.

Any ideas?

Thank you, everyone!

The model you listed is addressable and won’t work.

What you’ll want to use is a 4098-9401.


Not the 4098-9733. That is the electronic heat sensor for use on addressable MAPNet or IDNet circuits.

Use one of these on a 4004 hardwired panel.

4098-9401, 4098-9402, 4098-9403, & 4098-9404

Electronic Heat Detectors, direct connect models

4098-9612, 4098-9613, 4098-9614, & 4098-9615

Electronic Heat Detectors for two-wire and four-wire bases

Thank you, everyone.

That was pretty cool… I joined up yesterday afternoon, needed some info with not much time for a lot of research or time wasted, the next morning is an answer.

Thanks again and hope I can also provide some answers from time to time too.

additional response…

Couldn’t I use a 4098-9612 135 f.t. HD, if I don’t have the others you guys mentioned? Looks like that is compatible with the 4004 series FACP.


My bad…it looks like you said the 4098-9612 will work.

They both work, they are just wired differently.

With the 4098-940X series, the wiring goes into the detector head.

With the 4098-961X series, the wiring goes into the base.

Awesome. Thank you everyone for your timely and knowledgeable responses. It’s greatly appreciated!