Simplex 4004 Battery Question

I have a Simplex 4004 panel. The battery voltage reads 9.2 vdc output after disconnecting the batteries. The problem started with a fault indication. The panel will not reset. I sent a request to Simplex for a schematic so I could diagnose the problem. Simplex never responded. Does anyone have a schematic or a fix. Please advise. thank you.

Will the panel refuse to reset in alarm mode? If the panel is not in alarm mode (i.e. only a fault is showing), then resetting the panel will do nothing, since no alarm condition exists.

What it seems to be, from what you have said, is that the batteries are on their end-of-life. 9-ish volts is usually at the point where the panel will display a battery trouble (“d” on the yellow LCD on the 4004). What you’ll need to do is replace the batteries. Try that, and see if there are any faults.

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks Robert. The batteries are low. But I thought that it was because the battery output level was only 9.2 vdc And they were not charging properly. I would have normally replaced the batteries until I measured the charging circuit. I didn’t want to charge the customer for batteries only to find a bad charging circuit. That is why I wanted the schematic for the Simplex 4004 panel.

Thanks again, and have a merry Christmas. Tim