Simplex 4004 Problems

Hi everyone. I just joined this forum and I had a few questions about the 4004 I just got.

To be specific, it’s a 4004-9101. It was in an office building, according to the seller. The panel was tied into the building’s dampers and was wired for elevator fire recall. After putting wire nuts over all those unneeded wires, I connected AC power. It started right up, and I bought the proper resistors to clear some of the troubles. This 4004 is unlike any other one I have ever seen. Besides the normal terminals, there are like 3 other cards with terminals sticking up behind the regular terminals.

So the issue is that I am unable to clear the “1-8” troubles. According to the label, those are IDC zone troubles. So I tried putting 3.3 k resistors on both the upper and lower terminals of all the zones, and the troubles will not clear. I’ve tried a number of resistor combinations as far as where they go. I got the NAC troubles cleared right away but these will not go.

A bigger issue is that, when I activate an alarm, the panel will not reset itself. The pull station is reset. I hit the “System Reset” button. I wait the 15 seconds, and it goes back to how it was before, and the strobe remains flashing. I was told the troubles had to be cleared to fix that. So any help would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks! -Ryan :slight_smile:

I believe you told me earlier that you had disabled the zones on the panel via the DIP switches? If so, that would be a cause for the zone troubles. Also, I biebe that the panel not resetting is due to the lack of resistors.

I believe for the fist two zones, at least, the resistors and wire for the iniating circuit would go in terminals 13 and 14 for zone 1 and 14 and 15 for zone 2.

Okay. Well, I just changed the panel’s setting to only 2 zones and I was able to clear more troubles doing that. I took a picture (I’m not sure it will upload) that shows the weird setup and where the resistors are. Thanks! -Ryan

Sorry. Photo issues.

Your resistors are in the wrong places. Here is where they should be:

As you can see, zone one is wired up to the terminal labeled “RET” under where it says “Zone 1” on the circuit board. The other end of the zone one circuit is wired up to the terminal labeled as Zone Power. Zone two is wired up to the “RET” terminal under the “Zone 2” label. The other end of zone two is wired to the Zone Power terminal, which is the same terminal where zone one is also wired to. There should be a similar wiring arrangement for each zone expansion card that you have.

For the record, it appears he has Class A adapters installed on his 4004.

My 4004 is a very strange case… when I first powered it up today (I just got it) it’s peizohorn started screaming at me and the trouble said zone 1. I didn’t put a resistor on zone one. What kind of resistors do I need? Then I got a nac 1 trouble. I put one resistor on (only one came with it) and the trouble cleared. I wired up zones 1 and 2 like on the photo so that both are linked together. Then I plugged it in. A resistor blew! It is under the 7 segment display. It appears to be resistor “R68.”Can you tell me the OHMs of that resistor?