Simplex 4005 Annunciator

I’ve had my 4005 panel for a while, but one thing I’ve wanted to add to my little demonstration system is an annunciator.

I’ve been looking at the 4602-9101 annunciator. I have a couple questions. First, do I need to install an annunciator card on the panel (like the 4004), or is it a direct hookup to the main CPU?

Second, what cable(s) do I need?

Thanks in advance!

Correction: It’s a 4602-9102.

The 4602-9101 or -9102 use RUI communication and power connections. No interface board is needed. The RUI terminals are on the top of the CPU board and the 24 volt terminals are on the power distribution board. The RUI uses twisted shielded pair and power is just 2 conductors. There is an 8 point I/O board that is used to connect hardwired lamp or LED annunciators.

Thank you for the information!

About the communication wire, could you point me to what I would want to purchase?

I’m seeing a lot of different types of wire on eBay; I’m not finding a lot when I search “18 AWG shielded twisted pair”.

The #18 twisted shielded (example West Penn D975) is specified for actual installations where the runs can be long, mixed with other circuits, and the wire has to meet code. For a hobby system where you typically are not going very far the wire type is not as critical.

One thing to watch out for is that the first RCUs and SCUs were made to work with 4002 panels. Later they were updated to work with 4005, 4020 and 4100 systems. That means there are early revision software and later revision software units floating around. The older units will not work with the newer panels.

I never had any documentation on the firmware chips but I do have a few of these units of various ages around. I know I have at least one that works with a 4005 and some older ones. I’ll figure out what I’ve got and see what works with a 4005 panel and if the older ones can be upgraded with a chip change.

I have done more research on 4602 annunciators today than I have done in years. Here is what I found. The first RCU and SCU units were developed for the 4002 panel. In later years they were adapted to also work with 2120 CDT, all series 4100, 4020, 4005, and 4007ES. In this progression the sales part numbers did not change (4602-910X) because the newer units were backward compatible with 4002. However, the actual circuit board part numbers changed. The annunciator operating program is contained in the 40 pin programmable microcontroller.

The circuit board rev letters are on the back of the boards. These are updated when the board is modified to add a component for some needed reason. The board part numbers are stamped or a little white label on the component side of the boards which makes them more difficult to see.

I have 5 units, three SCU (4602-9101) and two RCU (4602-9102) of several ages.

SCU 4602-9101
Rev B circuit board numbered 562-816C with 246-359 chip without revision number. This board does not work with 4005.
Rev C circuit board numbered 562-817F with 246-402 chip rev 1.06. This board works with 4005.
Rev C circuit board numbered 562-817G with 740-602 chip rev 1.07. This board works with 4005.

RCU 4602-9102
Rev B circuit board numbered 562-819C with 246-359 chip without revision number. This board does not work with 4005.
Rev E circuit board numbered 562-876H with 740-602 chip rev 1.07. This board works with 4005.

The board part numbers of the older units that did not work with a 4005 match the part numbers listed in a 4002 parts list. The board part numbers that do work with a 4005 panel match the the part numbers listed in a 4100 parts list.

So to be sure an annunciator will work with your 4005 you have to ask the seller to check the actual circuit board part number or ask what model FACP it was connected to. Hope this helps.

My apologies for the late reply and bumping a month old topic.

Thank you very much for spending all that time getting me that detailed information! I had no idea there was an update to make the units work with the new panels, so I will definitely be careful which unit I buy, when that time comes.

I sure would have been confused if I bought one one only to find out the thing didn’t work.