Simplex 4005 CCDACT Programmer

I’m planning to add a DACT to my 4005 but it needs an external programmer. So far all I know, it requires a DOS like interface and a programming cable, but does it need a dongle? If that’s not possible, what external dialer can I use that will send zone and trouble information to the central station, not just FIRE ALARM or TROUBLE?

The Simplex 4005-9810 DACT is a “contact closure” type (CCDACT). The kit includes the circuit board, mounting bracket (installs below the CPU), and a 10 pin ribbon cable. Programming is done using the standard download cable and a terminal program. No dongle is needed. There is no option for a 4005 Serial DACT.

Ok wonderful. So is this a DOS type terminal or standard windows terminal? Is there a manual for this as I would extremely prefer all components stay within the fire panel, including the dialer.

DOS or Windows, like hyperterm, will work. The simpler the better. 9600,8,n,1 with Xon/Xoff handshake. This is a command line operation with the smarts in the CCDACT. Left a link to the manual in a PM earlier today.

Here is an example of the complete CCDACT kit.

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NEVER connect phone lines to a DACT until it is programmed for your application. If there is programming in the unit it will want to connect to a central station when powered up. That could cause an unneeded dispatch somewhere.

Awesome! Thanks

Retired STR-SG, can you PM me that manual also please.

Does anyone have a manual for this dact, and also a picture of the program cable w/ pinout

Can I get you to send me the link to this manual as well? I had it but I cannot find it on my old PC. Thanks