Simplex 4005 Fire Relay

Also I decided to put some good use to my iO panel I had laying around so I am configuring it as the main panel that would set off the horns/strobes and new Signature smokes I adding, and keep the 4005 to monitor all conventional zones. I’m quite new too this but I configured I/O card 3 (4pt Signal Card) output 1 to be a Fire Relay. That would then go to a SIGA-IO module in my panel so if a 4005 zone goes off, it sets off the horns/strobes on the system. The panel rebooted and gave me a trouble, saying Physical Status = Unsupervised and the next screen saying Wrong Device? I assume wrong device is setting it into trouble but I don’t know how to deal with that?

Changing a NAC to a RELAY is a two step process. In programming, the desired point has to be changed from a NAC to AUX in the Configure Card menu option for the I/O card. Then the physical position of the relay on the I/O card has to be moved to the AUX position. Did you do both?

I changed the one output to Aux. I’m not sure what you mean by moving the relay to the aux position? I didn’t know there was such a setting

Look at the silk screened lettering on the board next to the relay. There is a NAC Poition and an AUX Position. Unplug the relay from the NAC position and plug it in to the AUX position.

Are you talking about the jumpers next to the fuses? I only see NC / NO labeled and there all on NC?

Here is a drawing of the 2 IDC 2 NAC card. It shows the two positions for the relays K1 and K2. I used this because the 4 NAC/Relay drawing I have does not show the silk screen lettering and lines next to the relays.

Got It! Thanks for your help!

I just want to verify that I configured the 4pt nac card correctly. I need a NO relay so that when the 4005 goes into alarm, the relay latches and sends 24v to the io module so that my EST panel goes into alarm. So far no success, but I wanted to make sure I did this right before blaming my io Module.

The P1 jumper on output 1 was moved up one. I think that’s the correct position, also the aux position was moved to the right by one pin. Hopefully the picture is clear enough.

I don’t want to sound nitpicky here, but just to be clear, the 4005 doesn’t send any voltage, it just actuates a relay which trips a zone on the other panel. Sending voltage back to the other panel would fry either the panel or its inputs.

Understood. Basically the io module is a zone for my EST panel.

When correctly configured, which yours appears to be, the relays on the 4005 are dry contacts. That is, there is no system voltage present.

You can check that the relay will put the other panel in alarm by manually turning it on in the Control/View Points menu.

Next I would check the POINT TYPE for the relay point. If set to RELAY, that is a generic relay with no default operation. It is meant for custom operations in SMPL. Change the POINT TYPE to RRELAY for an on until reset relay or SRELAY to have the relay turn off at alarm silence.

Good. Just wanted to make sure you weren’t backfeeding 24 volts into your IDC. That would be very bad.

Do you have a multimeter? If so can you try to probe resistance on the contacts when the panel is normal and in alarm?

I have checked my settings in the 4005. Everything checks out, it was on SRELAY (Fire relay with silence). When I turn on the relay, my io module gives me a short (EST panel), so the 4005 relay works. So it’s the module, and looks like I might’ve picked the wrong one. It said it can be configured for Alarm latching but I see no option of that in my EST panel. If anyone knows about iO series panels with this, please chime in. If not, looks likes I will get a siga-ct1 module, which is dedicated for this type of application. The io module apparently could do it to but it’s multi purpose.