Simplex 4005 Programming

Hello all,

I apologize if this is in the incorrect area as I’m new here, but I’m looking to build a demo system with a Simplex 4005. My A&D manager told me simplex is a no-no due to the fact that I’ll most likely not be able to program a 4010, which is what I was looking at at the time, as the software needed is proprietary. Does this still hold true for the 4005 conventional system?

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There is no programmer software for the 4005. There is a terminal program that mimics the front panel. However, that program is somewhat slow and cumbersome. Its best points are it makes typing in point labels quicker and has the ability to save the CFIG file to a PC. That program is not protected by a key or dongle as the smarts are in the panel not the computer. There is no way to break into a 4005 if the default level 4 passcode is changed. The level 4 passcode has to be sequentially tried until it is found or a lucky guess can be made.

The base 4010 (not 4010ES) is front panel programmable. If a DACT or network card is installed the programmer is required. That program is proprietary, is dongle protected, and costs $$$. Obviously you are limited to Simplex IDNet addressable devices for the SLC. However most conventional devices can be connected to a monitor ZAM. There is a way to factory default a 4010 however that information can only be given by private message.

Hope this helps you make your decision.