Simplex 4006 Level 4 Password Help

I own a historic warehouse building that was converted from an old milk condensary. I’m in the process of piecing together a small system to install into the building. I was able to find a good deal on some equipment online that consisted of decommissioned pull stations, smokes and and a few other components. The panel that I have is a Simplex 4006-9101. Everything works as-is for what I need, but I put in an IDC expansion card and I can’t enable/activate it without access to the level 4 permissions. Unfortunately, the previous owner changed the lvl 4 passcode and I have no way of figuring out what it is, short of manually trying 10,000 different combinations one by one. The level 2 and 3 default passcodes (2000, 3000) were left unchanged. I know that forum rules prohibit panel reset procedures, factory resets, and things like that can not be posted publicly for fear of getting into the wrong hands, but what other options would I have? If anybody can assist, even thru PM, it would be greatly appreciated. I can send over any credentials or anything else needed to verify I am the owner of the panel and the building that it’s going in to.




First of all, welcome to The Fire Panel Forums. People on the forum cover a wide range of experience from young hobbyists to seasoned professionals.

Since I don’t know your background here is some information that you might need. Installing a fire alarm system is not as easy at it seems. Your municipality may have a permitting process for fire alarm installations you have to go through. The system has to be installed according to the codes and standards your AHJ and code enforcement has adopted. There may also be requirements imposed by your fire insurance carrier. If your municipality adopted UL certification of fire alarm systems, a certified fire alarm service company may have to issue a certificate for the system and keep records of its modifications, additions, and periodic code required testing.

I am not aware of a “back door” or master password for a 4006. I may have some ideas but I can’t post them publicly.

Thank you for the reply.

As far as my background is concerned, I’m very mechanically and technologically inclined. I’m a licensed amateur radio operator. Although I’m not a licensed electrician, I do understand the fundamentals of electricity: transformers, breaker/fuse panels, voltages, building wiring, etc. I’ve also worked for years installing ethernet networks, CCTV networks, various telco systems, etc. I’m not some kid in my parent’s basement playing around with professional equipment and no clue of what I’m doing.

I’ve consulted with my municipality regarding their adoption of standards and the like. I was told the city uses and references all of the standards set forth by the National Fire Prevention Association. That being said, nothing has been installed yet, as I’m still accumulating components. When the time comes to begin the installation, everything will be done in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations, and the correct professionals will be involved in the installation, implementation, and testing processes.

Unfortunately, this is a somewhat typical scenario where an installer changes only the level 4 password. Not a whole lot you can do other than try to brute force it by trying up to 10,000 combinations, stick with 5 zones, or get a different panel. Bear in mind though that without the level 4 password you also will not be able to properly label the zones.

Fire-Lite, Silent Knight, Potter, Hochiki, and Secutron are all non-proprietary, and if you buy new, you will not be locked out and can access all functions. Be aware though that most conventional panels from Fire-Lite, Silent Knight, and some from Potter output full-wave rectified power rather than DC on IDCs and NACs, which will damage any devices made by Simplex and possibly others.

Thank you for the reply! I have a small gaylord full of conventional simplex pull stations, smokes, strobes, and other components from a decommissioned system that I was hoping to use, so hopefully I won’t have to buy another panel. Of course, I’m also hoping that brute force won’t be necessary, but if I’m unable to get into the level 4 area of the panel, I may have to sit down and try brute force doing 100 or so combinations per day until I eventually figure it out. (I have some time before the installation actually takes place.) Another member sent a PM to me with a few ideas to try, so I’ll report back tomorrow when I get back over to the shop and see what happens.

Just a quick update: Using the help that was provided to me via PM, I was able to successfully get into the level 4 area of the panel and reset the password back to the default. I want to take a moment to thank those who replied to this thread. I greatly appreciate the assistance.


I am having the same issue as you explained. Could you help me please with the solution?

Hello, would you be able to PM me instructions on to come up with the code? Thank you

Hi, I am a fire alarm installer and am taking over an account with a 4010. I was hoping someone could provide me with the level 4 PW and maybe a link where I can find instructions to reprogram the DACT.

Thank you in advance.

Marty S

No good news on this. There is no back door around the level 4 passcode to get into a 4010. When a 4010 has a DACT installed neither the main panel nor the DACT card can be programmed through the front panel. That is locked out. Two software programs and the level 4 passcode are required to make changes to the system.

The panel programming must be done using the PC based 4010 programmer that matches the system rev in the panel. The software is protected by a key that must be attached to the computer to run the software. So bootlegging the software is of no help. A separate SDCAT programmer is required to actually program the DACT.

All of this would have to be purchased from JCI, which now owns Tyco/SimplexGrinnell. $$$$

Okey doke.

After further investigation and a little hacking I was able to get into level 4, however there is no DACT. They are using only alarm and trouble reporting. So I guess we’ll do the same.

Thank you anyway.

I am having an issue with a 4005 panel at a non-profit location and noone has the level4 passcode. Anyone can help me to reset it to the default? Thanks.

I’ve got a simplex 4004 in our building. No trouble codes and unit resets like normal HOWEVER the trouble signal screw ( terminal 8) is hot (24vdc).

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Good morning,

I have a Simplex4100 ES panel at one of my properties and the passcode has mysteriously been changed. How can we go about resetting the passcode without knowing what the passcode was changed to? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

You’re definitely gonna have to call Simplex on that one. They’ll have to come out to reset anything.