Simplex 4006 QALERT


Recently, I obtained my 3rd panel, a simplex 4006, but I have one problem. I have no idea how to enable Smartsync or “QALERT” so I can operate my smartsync true alerts. If somebody could help me out, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I don’t think the 4006 supports SmartSync since it’s conventional: you’ll need a Simplex 4905-9938 SCM (Sync Control Module) to use your SmartSync TrueAlerts. I’ve also never heard of SmartSync being called “QALERT” either.

Thanks for replying, I’m just not sure about that considering in the 4006-programming manual, it mentions that is an option and its named “QALERT” in the manual. However, I may be wrong, this is the first simplex panel I’ve ever worked on.

Now that I think about it “QALERT” might be short for “QuickAlert”, the original name of the TrueAlert-series (not sure what it could mean in the way of programming though).

579-717.pdf (444.8 KB)

Hmm…it could very well be another name for “SmartSync”, though why they’d use “QuickAlert” on a post-2001 panel like the 4006 I have no idea, especially since they were forced to change the name to “TrueAlert” due to another company already owning the trademark.

You have this manual right?
579-704.pdf (947.6 KB)

To enable SmartSync on the 4006, you’ll need to go into programming and set your NAC(s) to QALERT: log in at level 4 → Programming → Points → NACs → (pick whatever NAC you want to program) → set to QALERT (and TEMPRL for Code-3) → exit and allow the panel to restart.

I tested a QuickAlert and a TrueAlert signal on the 4006 (4903-9419 and 4906-9127); both of them work as intended (they also sync with each other which is something I learned).

Hope this helps.

Thank you all for replying,

I recently had one of my friends who has way more experience with simplex panels than me help me set up QALERT, I now have it working on my system.

SmartSync has been called QALERT/SQALERT operation in the programmer/internally ever since its inception, it’s a reference to the short-lived QuickAlert devices.