Simplex 4007ES Hybrid Fire Alarm Control Panel

Hey everyone!

I want to introduce my brand new Simplex 4007ES Hybrid Fire Alarm Control Panel! This thing is absolutely awesome, especially the full color touchscreen display.

I hope to have a video out on this unit in the near future. Until then, I figured I’d share these images.

Here’s the front of the control unit. The cabinet is surprisingly large, roughly 21" X 20".

Here’s the interior of the panel showing the operator interface unit. I really love the look of the “Simplex 4007ES Fire Control” emblem below the display.

Here we have a close up of the color touchscreen display. The screen measures 4.3" diagonally, roughly the size of a cell phone screen. The LED icons for Fire Alarm, Priority 2 Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble, Signal Silence, and AC Power are a nice touch. The hotkey LEDs and label slots are visible in the upper right hand corner.

Opening the operator interface door reveals the panel circuit assemblies. In the center is the NAC power supply board, which includes four non-addressable 24V NAC circuits, an IDNET SLC, Auxiliary Power Connections, and the RUI output.

To the left of the power supply board is a 4007-9801 8-point Zone/Relay card. This card provides up to eight conventional zone inputs or relay contacts.

Finally, on the interior of the operator interface unit is the main CPU and touchscreen display board.

As I mentioned, I hope to be able to do a video on this unit sometime soon. Programming is pending, after which you should expect to see this panel incorporated into some sort of a demonstration system.

Very nice! I wish I had one of these units, but I’ll stick with my 4004 instead lol.

Are you planning to run ES series NAs off this? I actually see this in the field quite often around here (as well as in Colorado at Denver Int’l Airport and in Boulder; I was only on the main drag but Simplex seems quite common there too, so it wasn’t a huge change from home) since the district/regional (for the region of my state) is not too far away. They do a lot of installs all the way down to the Canton area I believe. Because only one YouTube user has a 4100U and ES capable or running these appliances, even though personally I’m seeing them all over my area now.

I usually see the ES units in airports (seen at CLE and DEN) but there was a lot in a mall area in Boulder. I saw mostly addressable 4906’s in Denver in hotel areas. Aside from Simplex, EST seems common too. In Denver I saw a weatherproof integrity and Genesis A/Vs just as often as I saw Simplex stuff. System Sensor and Wheelock aren’t as common there though.

I’ll have to look into this. The Hybrid panel is equipped with standard 24V NACs, not an addressable IDNAC loop, so I’m not sure if my panel supports the ES TrueAlerts.

If it does, I’d love to see one in action, especially since they’re becoming more common (not as common as the 4906 series though) as the years go by.

I just installed and commissioned 42 of those things. Nice little panel, but flakey (although the most recent firmware seems better). I like the touchscreen, but I don’t. It’s a little slow changing from screen to screen and I’m too impatient, especially when acknowledging alarms and doing a silence/reset. My brain is still hardwired to want to press a button when it comes to that!

Just conventional NACs, no TrueAlert.


Wow, really neat! I can’t wait to see it in action. But why is the housing so big if the board is so small?

The cabinet is built to have the capacity for several expansion modules of various functions. This panel only has the basic board set installed.

Makes sense.

Are you going to get the annunciator for it (but that might be pretty expensive…)? I certainly wouldn’t have the money for that. Did you get the ES software yet for it?

So if the ES TrueAlerts are out, you can still run SmartSync devices on it, correct?

I’d love to pick up an annuciator for this unit if the price is reasonable.

I’m not sure about the SmartSync capabilities. I know the panel supports standard 24V notification appliances such as the Wheelock AS/NS series, but you may be able to enable SmartSync operation in the programming. If a Simplex Tech could offer some insight on this, that would be great.

This is from the 4007ES Hybrid datasheet.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 7-0001.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>

Four on-board Class B/Class A NACs, rated 3 A each

for Special Application appliances; selectable for

SmartSync horn and strobe control, or strobe

synchronization; rated 2 A each for Regulated 24 DC


Lovely panel! It seems to be a particularly versatile system.

I love the 4007ES’s modern-looking user interface, yet I find it funny how its cabinet and door look like they’re straight out of the '80s (especially when compared to the 4010ES’s streamlined door). It makes for quite an interesting contrast!

Here’s a quick introductory video of the 4007ES for those who have been asking me about it. Hope you enjoy!


Here’s a major update on the status of the 4007ES - as of this morning, the panel is now in complete working order, and ready to be installed on a demonstration system!


This system is actually really nice and it has a very great setup! Nice job on this!

Here’s a demonstration/testing video with the 4007ES!