Simplex 4007es

Hello Everyone, I recently purchased a simplex 4007es and I would like to know if it’s required to have a computer to program the panel or if you can directly program it through the panel like previous panels. If it is required to use the computer if anyone knows where I can get the software.
Thanks, Ryan

The 4007ES must be programmed using the PC based programmer. There is no front panel programming ability. A legal version of the software would have to be purchased from JCI for $$$. While you may find the software floating around on the internet, it requires a software key (aka. dongle) to actually run. That would be part of the package purchased from JCI. There was a distributor in Australia selling the dongles but they are now listed as not available. Their supply may have been cut off as the dongles were supposed to be reserved for authorized dealers only. If you can find someone who has programmer access, the panel can be loaded from a USB drive containing the CFIG and other upgrades.