Simplex 4008 (adt 6008) pascode reset

I’m hoping someone has experience with the Simplex 4800.

I have a customer who wants to opt out of a Tyco contract.

If they changed the installer codes is there a way to reset them.

The manual appears to have the default codes, and a reset to factory defaults procedure.

Probably need the installer code to get into programming mode to restore factory defaults.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Do you mean the Simplex 4008?

I think you mean Simplex 4008 rather than Simplex 4800? :wink:

Also, everybody please remember that it is against the rules to post that type of information publicly on the forums. If you can help this user, please send s/he a private message.

Eeek. Breaking the rules and typos in my first post.


Yes, Simplex 4008.

I know it’s kind of a long shot, but the customer is a small business start up (not eager to sign a long term contract), and a good guy, so I told him I would look into it.

Thanks again.

No big deal! U8oL0 mentioned that it is only against the rules to post reset methods publicly. Asking for help is always welcome.

I sent you a PM with some suggestions.

Yes, as Destin said, no worries, asking for help isn’t breaking the rules at all. :slight_smile: We just don’t allow information like the answer to your question to be publicly posted since it could be dangerous in the hands of those who aren’t authorized to be messing with fire alarm systems.

I have the very same issue. Bought the panel on eBay for the church, and need to set it up.

We bought a used building that the previous owners scavenged before they left. Detectors and pull stations were left, so it made sense to stay in simplex.


Just a reminder, any user who has this info may PM it to mtushmoo but DO NOT post it publicly as that is a major rule violation.

I wouldn't want it posted publicly. I'm an engineer, so I appreciate the gravity of information in the hands of the incompetent.

Thank you in advance, for any p.m.'s

Not if it is proof of purchase people that has a receipt to the item people post about this stuff on YouTube because of these kind of problems okay not mad just saying if the seller has proof of purchase or the buyer.

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