Simplex 4008 checking for PC cycle after extended power failure

I have a 4008 panel that lost utility power for enough time to fully deplete the backup batteries. The CMOS battery is good at 3v. However, when powered on with fresh batteries (backup) and utility power the unit will not boot. The system just cycles checking for PC and at least two yellow/orange lamps are active on the motherboard and an intermittent beep. The LCD also has a “C012345”… message. Any help would be appreciated. This panel is installed in a closed system that only notifies the equipment users and not connected to any fire, public authority etc. Any help would be appreciated.

It certainly sounds like the panel lost some of its programming. I can’t tell if it is the executive (operating system), configuration, or both. It is possible a reload could bring the panel back to life. You did not mention a crash code showing between restarts. If there is one that could be a hint as to what happened.

The executive and CFIG are held in flash memory that is not dependent on AC power, main battery, or button cell. The button cell maintains the RAM which keeps the history logs, smoke sensor values, and the last known clock time.

A technician can reload the executive from the PC based programmer. If there is a copy of the configuration that can be loaded too. If there is not a copy of the configuration the panel will have to be reprogrammed manually.

Thank you very much for your help!!