Simplex 4008 possible problem

So I finally bought a used simplex 4008 control panel after many many years of wanting one. I had it for about a week. Worked 100% fine. I hooked it up to some notification appliances and set it off for a test. I accidentally unplugged the panel when the NAs were sounding. When I turned it back on it will not go passed the boot screen on startup!? It beeps and beeps saying boot 1.01 verifying PC and nothing!!? Help. I have no clue how to fix this. I am new.

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Remove the batteries if there is any and try it again. If that doesn’t work wait until a technician replies.

My first impression is that the system got glitched somehow and the firmware is corrupt. I don’t think there is a hardware way to default this panel. The firmware may have to be reloaded. That requires a computer running the Simplex Small Panel Programmer and a download cable. Hopefully that will get it going again.

I am curious about the notification appliances you were using. If they were very old devices they may not have any suppression components in them. That could have contributed to the panel getting glitched.

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I have no batteries hooked up at this time. I was actually using System Sensor Mass 24-1 model NAs. Does that mean only a simplex technician can only fix my panel then?

The bootloader is coming up and then the Checking for PC means it is looking to see if a programming computer is connected. The fact that is stops there and times out means it is getting lost in the weeds. However getting up to Checking for PC is a sign that it may take a download.

My opinion is that the next step is to try a reload of the BIN file (panel operating system). Of course there could be a hardware issue.

Yes, it will take a Simplex tech to do the reload. I have the necessary equipment to try the reload if you want to ship the panel to me. Sorry, I can’t release any software to anyone. Plus I think it takes a key.

When I was working I never heard of a 4008 doing this. But, it is a computer and we all know they can be glitched.

I looked up the System Sensor Mass 24-1 devices and do not see a problem using them.

That would be so awesome! I will pay all shipping costs. I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough! I’m having bad luck with having my very first panel!