Simplex 4010 dirty smoke reset

Tech replaced an addressable smoke on the panel today as the old one was beyond dirty. How do you reset the dirty trouble condition on this panel? He can’t find a reset, although the unit now shows 0% dirty. One of our other panels you just have to let it re-calibrate over time, but he can’t find any information for this system on how to clear it.

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There is not a specific reset for dirty sensor trouble. The dirty trouble condition is based on the sensor’s average value. When replacing a dirty sensor with a clean sensor be sure to keep the head out of the base long enough for the panel to report that device in missing trouble. When the replacement head is installed the panel will zero out all its values and establish the average based on the replacement head. If the sensor is replaced too quickly the panel will not report it as missing and will not establish the new average value. Leave the head out of the base for at least 30 seconds.

Once the new head is installed it takes up to two minutes to establish the average value for the sensor. Do not test the replacement until the new average value is showing for that sensor. Testing a replaced sensor before the new average value is established usually results in a false excessively dirty trouble condition. Smoke sensor values can be checked on the front panel display in the “View Points” menu item.

If left alone the panel will reduce the average value and the trouble should clear on its own when the average value falls below the dirty threshold. Usually 24 hours is long enough for that to take place.

Always a little trick to it. That is similar to how the Vigilant panels work now. Thanks.