Simplex 4010 FACP Programming Question/Help

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I have a question about a Simplex 4010-9101 fire alarm control panel that I just purchased. Even though I do not have the control panel yet or know the firmware revision of it, I am hoping for now someone might know the answer to the problem I have and by the time I get it, I can hopefully use it and program it. I just found out that the control panels front keypad is disabled for programming by the software programming method. When I get this in my hands next week, are there options I can try to get around this to be able the program this from the front keypad; like factory defaulting it, changing the software revision, or simply turning off that option, if there is one? If this is something that I would physically need in front of me, I can create another post when I get it. I am just hoping for now that someone can tell me if I can ever be able to program this control panel. I am unsure when it comes to something like this. Thanks so much in advance!

Send me a private message if you want the programming manual, for the programmer(application) i am not sure if you can use any revision without a key/license.