Simplex 4010 factory default

Hi everyone,

I just scored a 4010 from a recent renovation. It’s not my first panel as I’ve had a Gamewell Flex 402 and an EST Fireshield in the past, but the 4010 for sure packs a lot more punch and I’m super happy with it. Well, almost anyway. The level 4 passcode isn’t the default code on the 4010. I was reading somewhere that there is a backdoor or way to reset it to factory default, is this true?

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Since you are a new user and this is your first post I have to get verification that is is for a hobby system.

I suppose that makes sense so someone isn’t just screwing around with a system maliciously… but anyway, yes you’re right I should have introduced myself anyway :wink: I just posted in the topic, if you need to have further proof I’m going to post a collection video later today and I will include the 4010 in it.

I figured it out just now actually. Thanks though :smiley:


I am having the same issue. What procedure did you use. You an send me a private message if you’d like. Thanks

Got it, :slight_smile: Thanks for the PM!

Can I also get a private massage on how to default the level 4 passcode on a 4010? Thanks a lot!

PM sent.

I have a simplex 4010 that I need to do a quick config on , but I can not do it because it is currently programmed for use of a DACT. (the dact must be programmed out via a pc programmer, which I do not have) Is there a way to default the panel, so it does not come set up with a dact card installed?

I have the level 4 programming password.



I am having the same problem with my 4010 can you pm the info on how to reset the level 4 password. thanks

I would really like the reset sent to me also. I am a building mechanic with the 4010 system. My company had hired out out annual testing to an outside contractor. They changed the password. They told the managers that I didnt need it. So now everytime a sprinkler breaks we had to pay them to come change it from a fire to a trouble, even though I’m the one that makes the repairs. Now their contract hasnt been renewed and they never gave us the code. Please can anyone help.

I don’t think the system default procedure is appropriate in this case. The only procedure there is clears all system programming. The people who have used it are using the panel for hobby use, not protecting an active building. When the system is defaulted not only are the passcodes reset but all points are deleted, all custom programming is deleted, if there is an internal DACT that card is deleted. The system is returned to a condition as “brand new in the box” with no programming. It would not provide protection for your building.

Unless the AHJ for your fire jurisdiction does not allow building owners to operate the system you should be able to have the level 2 and 3 passcodes to operate the features they provide. Typically only the level 4 passcode is withheld so system programming cannot be changed. Your company may be better served with the services of an attorney.

I had the level 3 code but the contractor changed it so he would have to be called every time we blew a sprinkler head or drip drum. Now that the contract hasnt been renewed he is not changing the code back. Do I have to have simplex come out to change the level 3 code back?

Yes, getting Simplex (now JCI) to do a service call to go into the system programming to change the level 2 and 3 passcodes back to their original, or to something your company wants, might be the easiest solution. Also check the functions under each code to be sure they match as the system is supplied originally.

You don’t say what the contractor is doing to “change fire to trouble” but it sounds like he is disabling the point. That is a normally a level 2 function as the system comes new. However, that can be changed in programming.

I am wondering how this contractor changed the passcodes. That is a level 4 programming function. It seems to me that this contractor knew the level 4 passcode to make this change. I would seriously have Simplex (JCI) change the level 4 passcode so this contractor cannot make changes in case he is brought in for some reason. Having level 2 and 3 passcodes chosen by your company instead of the default ones would also keep this contractor out of the system.

Hello, I have recovered an old simplex 4010 panel. We replaced it with a NOTIFIER system.

First 3 levels of passwords are default but level 4 has been changed. I would like to clear the program out as I’d like to be able to use this panel as a bench test panel for other recovered field devices and for fun.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to either default the entire panel or to default just the level 4 password?

Thanks for any help with this.

Mike K


Field Tech

PM Sent

can i get a 4010 factory default PM to? (for my new eBay panel(for hobby of course))

thank you.

i just wanted to add that i have not received the unit yet

PM Sent if you haven’t gotten the info already.

Thanks! worked great!