Simplex 4010 - Factory Reset with DACT

Hey y’all, I hope this isn’t tagged as a duplicate thread as I’m not really finding any info regarding my specific situation.

I scored a Simplex 4010 to use as a demo system and to learn the programming structure, but the problem is that I cannot figure out how to remove the DACT card from the system. any edit in the program is stopped by an error saying “Save not Allowed - Network/DACT Configured”.

What I’m wondering is if there is there a backdoor to factory reset and remove the DACT card from the program, as I do have access to all 4 access levels? Or is this SFI/O board done for unless I get my hands on a programmer? So far I’ve tried exploring the entire menu structure looking for a way to delete the card, and I’ve also tried the steps outlined in the service manual as well to no avail.

Thanks y’all, your input is very much appreciated.

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