Simplex 4010 Level 4 Passcode


I have a Simplex 4010 that I want to configure for a small school here but someone has changed the Level 4 pass code. Does anyone know of a backdoor entry instead of trying to figure out 10,000 codes and trying them all? I am replacing a Simplex 4008 which has a bad CPU Board and will no longer function. It’s just a small school non-profit so I found them this because they cant afford a new board for the 4008 which would cost about 1600.00= to replace.

Got it, :slight_smile: Thanks for the PM!!

1. open programm with key.

2. on the hardware tab below there is a 3rd tab.

There you can change.

can you go into more detail, thanks.

Hello, i just purchased a simplex 4010 from eBay and the password is not the default. i know that there is a back door way to reset it, and cant get anybody to respond to me, i was hoping you might be able to tell me. sorry if you are the wrong person to ask. (this is for a demo system)