simplex 4010 missing card and N2 trouble

I change the SFIO board because of burned D39,40 and Q54 ,when i installed the new board and power up trouble appear missing card 1,2,3,9 and external N2 trouble.Theres a way ic an fix this kind of trouble.

Check the baud rate switch. It is common for manufacturing to speed the rate up to 19,200 baud to load the test programs faster. They forget to set it back to 9,600. The cards only communicate at 9,600.

All of the trouble regarding the last time are all gone,but when i do the reconfigure all hardware Total IDNet devices 0.there is still trouble but only system time and depleted battery. can i do it with 4000 level access or do it need somsthing to recover the devices.

My next move would be to disconnect the IDNet field wiring and connect one device at the panel. Use an easy address - like 1. Then log in to do a Quick CFIG set to locate new hardware or manually add the device through the front panel. If it doesn’t work then the board might be damaged. The IDNet terminals should have approximately 28 VDC across plus and minus.

Thanks for the reply i will try to do it tnx.

Can i add IDNet points even without the device connected to the board.I try to connect a smoke detector (4098-9714) and base (G8A4098-9792) i on the DIP switch1and 2 on and 3_8 off it’s that correct.

IDNet device addressing.

1-2-3-4–5–6—7—8 Switch Position
1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128 Binary Value
Add the binary values of the switches in the ON position to get the device address.

Your smoke sensor with switches 1 and 2 ON is device address 3.

Yes, you can add devices without them being connected. Follow the instructions starting on page 6-3 of this document.

Then go to SAVE CFIG menu item and save changes. The system should come up looking for the devices you added.

Appreciate your help thanks.

It’s beggining to complicate things when i on the panel it showing Crash#0D pc-D98B Bank 0 Task04

I had very few if any 4010s crash, so my knowledge is limited to the information in the service manual.
This is the information the manual has for code 0D:
Crash Code =0D
PC = BD76
A pulse statement in Custom Control does not have an analog
pseudo point referenced to it. Fix the CC equation.

Crash Code = 0D
PC = BA09
This is a known problem with Version 1.02. Upgrade panel to
Revision 2.01

Crash information is in section 3 of this manual.

Can i silence the trouble buzzer?

I don’t think the buzzer can be silenced while the panel is crashed. The system has to be running to respond to the buttons. If the panel is crashed continuously, power down and put the baud rate switches back to the 19,000 setting. That stops communication to the internal cards and the system may come up. Then you can look at the programming or clear the panel and start over.

I resolved already the panel crash i have only depleted battery trouble only to silence the buzzer until my order come and change the battery with new one.

Pressing the TROUBLE ACK button should silence the buzzer. If the trouble returns very soon the batteries might be testing around 19.5 volts. That is the trip point voltage for Depleted Battery trouble. The battery might be testing above trip point voltage sometimes which clears the trouble. Then on another test be below trip point voltage which brings the trouble on again…