Simplex 4010 piezo disable

Hi, can anyone help me disable a piezo on simplex 4010. I know on new panels you can disable the point but from reading the manual and trying to disable it in programming it wont let me because its a read only system point even though i have full access. Is there anyway i can disable the card number or possibly program the panel to not sound the piezo on a trouble or alarm?? I know you can remove the piezo but im unsure of my soldering skills and i know u can muffle the sounder with tape but i need it completely off. I know some of them have a magnet you can remove?? Any help is appreciated.

Hello. Can you please confirm with us whether this panel is on an isolated “demonstration” system, or if it is an active life safety system protecting a building? We want to stay away from offering advice on potentially hazardous modifications to an active system. Thank you!

Yes this is my demo system at home. Here is a picture of of it.