Simplex 4010 positive earth ground trouble

Hello, I just got a simplex 4010 panel. It came with an aux power supply. I defaulted the panel right away. When I powered it up it showed a positive earth ground trouble. I removed the aux power supply. No help.

There are no wires on the board. EOLRs on nac ckts. I tried a different xfmr no help. I tried a different rectifier no help.

I’m out of ideas. Is it possible its internal to the board? Bad board?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Mike K


Fire Alarm Tech

Shoot, I feel like I remember this from when I had a 4010 but it’s blanking in my memory right now. Let me ask around and if you don’t have an answer by the time I might have one, I’ll let ya know!

I saw this post last week and was wondering if you figured out what the Fault was?

I have the same thing…Power Supply on Back Plane Positive Earth Ground trouble fault. I have isolated all everything that connects (One at a time) to the board, but the fault never clears. Is it possible the board is bad ?

I have experience with other systems, this system is a little new to me. It came with the facility when we bought it.