Simplex 4010 Programming

Hi, this is my first post so please bear with me.

So I have a Simplex 4010 panel that I have had for about 5 years but haven’t done much with it and I want to delete the old missing devices from the former system to try to get the system back to normal. When ever I go to save the configuration in programming the LCD will display “SAVE NOT ALLOWED-NETWORK/DACT CONFIGURED”. I have no clue as to what that means. I do have a DACT card in the panel but I have no use for it so I may want to remove it. Any help with this issue would be much appreciated. If anyone needs proof that this is a legit demo system I will gladly send you some pictures of the panel to verify.

A picture or two would be helpful. Be aware that uploading pictures as attachments is not working. Pictures have to be hosted elsewhere and linked. I went to the YouTube channel name given and found no content. While we sometimes give advice on active systems, we have to know what we are dealing with so we can give the appropriate information.

On the notice reading “SAVE NOT ALLOWED-NETWORK/DACT CONFIGURED”, those two cards require files that are not present in the system if programmed by the front panel. The DACT needs a file that is generated by the PC based 4010 programmer and then used by the separate DACT programmer. The network card needs the network file information which is from the network programmer application. That file contains the panel’s network node number and how its points are shared with other panels. In order to safeguard the system integrity, front panel programming is locked out when either the DACT or network card is present in the system and allows using the PC based programmer only.

Ok, is there a way to get around this? I have no intent to hook up the DACT or the Network card. I simply want to remove it from the system if possible. Like I said this is a demo system so I wouldn’t have a use for the network/DACT. I can’t even factory reset the panel because when I go to the quickCFIG it says “Editing is NOT allowed at this time”. I’m not to sure of what to do. I either want to be able to program this panel or factory reset it in order to program but as of right now I can’t do either. Let me know if there is a way around this issue.

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I too am having the same issue, can you assist me? Hobbyist panel. Same panel, same issue.

I am also having the same issue. Is there a way to bypass and save the programming via the front panel?

I am having the same issue. It will not allow me to change programming or default the panel because the dialer and network cards attached. Is there anyway to remove them and auto config to use as a local only panel?


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I am also having this issue, is there a way around this?

Speedracer75. How will this 4010 panel be used? Is it for hobby/demo use or protecting an active building?

It is my personal panel that I have had for a while and decided to finally do something with. Then after programming the devices into it I couldn’t save anything.

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Sorry to bump an old topic, but I am having this same issue. I purchased a used 4010 panel off ebay and it has some kind of network card installed and won’t let me save the configuration. I want to remove the network card and set it up as a hobby/demo unit. Can anyone help please?

Thanks for your time.


For your sake I hope I’m wrong, but I was told that if it is with a network card that card needs to be removed from the panel via a Simplex tech before it allows for reset.

Thanks for the reply Zach,

I was able to figure it out reading manual 579-081 Rev. A. The 4010 Service Manual.

The method in the service manual bypasses the need for the Simplex programming software and PC.


Glad to hear! I wonder if you’ll be able to get any money for selling that network card!

My 13 year old grandson is crazy about fire alarms and we recently purchased a Simplex 4010 on eBay. We have learned a number of things about the 4010 but have run into the same roadblock as others. It will not allow quickCNFG. I would like to set the system to factory default so my grandson can start connecting the numerous simplex horn strobes etc. he has collected.

Help will be greatly appreciated. I have studied the manuals and so far not come up with the solution that Jason said he found.

PM sent with factory reset instructions! So long as everything is wired properly, it should work after factory reset. If not, please create a NEW topic here in “Fire Alarm Help” so we can help you break down what other issues may need to be resolved. Thanks!

Jason will you tell me where you found the method in the manual to reset the 4010?