Simplex 4010 Pull Station Trouble!

Out of the blue the station went into trouble,getting correct voltage across the module,installed another station,no better,even installed another station,and it still shows trouble,address is correct,is this a panel problem?

Hi and welcome!

How many stations are installed on the IDNet loop? Check again to see if the panel is showing a trouble for the individual IDNet Point or an IDNet card. Troubles for points will generally be field wiring faults, card faults will be an issue within the panel.

You can try to connect one of the pulls directly to the IDNet channel at the panel. If Quick Configure (CFIG) picks up the device, then the issue is within the wiring.

If that fails, make sure that the programming for the hardware device type was not accidentally changed, and that the station is not assigned to a duplicate address within the system.

Any other information you can provide about the trouble condition you are seeing will help us to help you.

Also, as a general precaution, may I ask if this is a system installed within a building, or is it simply a demonstration/training system? We receive inquires from both scenarios on this board, and like to know whether it is regarding an active life safety system in order to provide the best possible assistance. Thanks!

Thanks for the welcome,and the quick reply,this pull station is on the first floor of a four floor dormitory,its mounted on an outside wall,its evidently a T tap because theres only one cable going to it,Panel has really been acting strange,from dropping voltage on the SLC loop from 28 to 10 VDC, causing 143 troubles,nearly all the devices in the building,I lifted one side of the SLC circuit and the voltage returned and stayed,making all the other troubles disappear,only trouble I have is the pull station and a NAC circuit which has a high resistance bleed,not sure if its a device or possibly the wiring is deteriating,any inputs or advice would be helpul,great forum BTW.