Simplex 4010ES possibility of programming without software

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I am new here, Anyone who has knowledge about the captioned topic, and expecting to solve this issue.

As far as I know there’s no way to program any ES-series panel without the software, except for the Autocall version of the 4007ES; the programming software for it is available free on the Autocall website (I’ve been told it won’t work with the Autocall versions of the 4010ES & 4100ES though).

Linking here to their software page. (Autocall ONLY)

But as Carson said, Simplex devices are pretty much locked down… near impossible to get the software let alone the programming cable. The only legal route to go about it is to go through extremely expensive training with Simplex themselves.

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Isn’t the programming cable just a usb serial cable?

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Actually, as long as you have a copy of the ES programmer, the 4007es doesn’t need a dongle to program. The only time the dongle comes into play is when you need to unlock the 4100ES side of it. I have a 4007es and was able to obtain an older version of the ES programmer and was able to do everything without the dongle via USB transfer

Could you link me to that software if you found it publicly? Please pm it if you don’t want to share it with anyone else.

I didn’t say anything about the means of connection, so I don’t know why you replied to me when Ryan was the one who asked such a question.

Unfortunately I cannot as I was given the older version from a friend who I am no longer in contact with. Plus installing the programmer is a tedious task and I don’t even know how to properly transfer it

Oh I just said that because you said there’s no way to program any of the ES panels without software. 4007es is technically the only one that is not proprietary

Yes, but I didn’t say anything about connecting the panel to a computer, which is a separate matter from obtaining the software. Also only the Autocall version of the 4007ES is, in a sense, “not proprietary”; all other Autocall ES-series panels & all Simplex ES-series panels are proprietary.

The version you linked is version 6.01, which isn’t the latest version.

At the time I’m writing this, the latest version is 6.03.02, and you can download it here: AutocallProgrammer_60302_download (1).exe - Google Drive

The website says restricted access

Yes because it was never meant to be accessed in the first place and was most likely taken down.