Simplex 4016 Panel

I came across this YouTube video about Mirtone and Mircom’s history, recently posted on the latter company’s channel, and noticed what appears to be a Simplex “4016” panel in the background at 9:39. A quick Google search about this system gave me almost no results except for a bid solicitation from the Government of Canada (page 23).

Does anyone know if the Simplex 4016 actually exists or have any information about it? The label on the system seen in the video is extremely similar to the one on the 4004 and 4005, yet I’ve never seen one of these panels or read anything about them.

If it is indeed a real panel, my guess would be that it was perhaps made by Mircom for Simplex, but the obscureness and elusiveness of this system (that may or may not really exist) makes it very hard to find anything about it.

Looks like a version of the 4004 for ULC applications. Because the 4004 only displays zone information on a seven-segment display, it does not meet ULC requirements which specify an LED for each zone.

I apologize if this is bumping the topic, but I found something on eBay that may help prove the existence of this panel.

This annunciatior has the same individual zone LED indicators as the 4016, and as Destin mentioned, this also carries a ULC listing. The style of the buttons is similar to the 4005/4010 style annunciatiors as well.
Going from the datasheet the 4610-9111 was intended for 4006 and 4008 panels. If that’s the case the 4016 could very well just be a larger 4008 (or a 4004 like Destin mentioned).