Simplex 4020 with 4003 Voice Panel

I recently put together a demo setup for my Simplex 4020 with the 4003 voice panel!

There are some unique features on the 4003 that are exclusive to the 4020, namely spoken walk test messages. I also have coded pull station support, various annunciators, and a mix of conventional/addressable devices on this panel. I aimed to have my 4020 contain a variety of features and components (special thanks to Nicsou and @4903-9222 for programming this for me). I’m very happy with how this turned out!

System Components:

  • Simplex 4020 Fire Alarm Control Panel (dated 1995, ver. 7.02; older but works fine)
    – Includes 2 expansion I/O cards, as well as a network card (unused).
    – Current layout has 8 conventional zones, 3 NACs, and 9 relays.
  • Simplex 4003 Voice Control Panel (dated 1999)
  • Simplex 4602-9102 Annunciator
  • Simplex 4603-9101 Annunciator
  • Simplex 4263-1 Coded Pull Station
  • Simplex 2099-9795 Mapnet II Pull Station
  • Simplex 4098-9716 Ionization Smoke Detector
  • Simplex 4098-9701 Photoelectric Smoke Detector (x2, on different bases)
  • Simplex 4098-9731 Heat Detector
    – Detector bases are 4098-9781s and a 4098-9785.
  • Simplex 2190-9153 Mapnet II Class A Monitor ZAM (not working, using as a junction box)
  • Simplex 4090-9101 IDnet Class B Monitor ZAM (substitute for 2190-9153)
  • Simplex 2099-9754 (with institutional cover)
  • Simplex 4903-9148 Speaker/Strobe
  • Simplex 4051 Horn + 2904-9001 Light (for coded pull station zone)
  • Honeywell SC7156-1027 Chime/Strobe (basically a Wheelock CH70)
  • Simplex 2098-9808 Remote LED

There are a few more things to work on for the 4020. First would be to get a cabinet for it. I’ll likely use my 4002 cabinet since both panels can use it. Next would be to implement priority 2 alarm points. We tried to do this with a security point but it didn’t seem to work. Lastly, update the firmware on the 4020 CPU. It’s old and buggy; updating it would fix such issues and provide more options to the system.


“Testing…channel, 1, device…1, 1, 4, testing…channel, 1, device…1,1,4 (pop)”

Nice setup! Should be neat getting to see (& hear) it in action!

What’s interesting is the 4003 only plays the test message once. You’ll hear it once I make a video on it.

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Those are some interesting truealarms

Those are MAPNET II detectors from the 90s.

Mhm. Why are the bases so large and the detectors so small? Interesting design choice in my book

According to the label they are also TrueAlarms too: