Simplex 4020

I’ve recently acquired 3 simplex 4020 fire alarm control panels that were demoed from a school.

The level 4 password is still defaulted to 444.

I’m looking to default the entire panel to factory reset.

I don’t see default as an option in level 4 programming.

Does anyone know how to default a 4020 panel?

Also if anyone is interested in purchasing one of my 4020 panels please PM me.


Mike Klimowicz


Fire Alarm Technician

Simplex is really a pain. My understanding is that the 4020 does not have any front panel programming, only software from a serial connection. You’ll have to do some digging and try to find the right people to get the software. The legalities of obtaining proprietary software are… not great.

Hope you can find a Simplex tech to help you program it, because it won’t be easy to do at all.