Simplex 4030 at schools

What happens if THIS alarm shows up at school with a Simplex light plate?

I doubt it at this point in time. The Simplex 4030 is generally a standalone device so it would not be mounted on a light plate compared to the Simplex 4050.

Also, you would seldom see this horn being used in most schools today. Many schools have updated their fire alarm systems so that it uses DC power instead of AC power due to costs and logistical reasons.

If you’re interested at looking into 4030s in actual schools, you may want to consider looking at Old School Fire Alarm’s channel where he showcases antique fire alarm systems from the early 1900s in schools.

There was at some point DC 4030s made, but they were rarer than AC-powered 4030s.

Either way, mounting these on a 4050-80 (?) light plate would be impossible, unless you fit a backbox where the horn would go on the 4050-80, and mount the 4030 on front of said backbox (but it would be quite, sketchy-looking)

You wouldn’t be able to mount it on ANYTHING because it’s too big and it would be way too ugly. The only way to have a visual notification appliance with it is if they set up a remote light or strobe which I think is something that could have happened.

I don’t even remotely know how large the base of a 4030 is. But certainly the remote light could very well be possible, I don’t recall specifically where on the interwebs I saw that, but there used to be a picture of a 4030-style horn alongside a Exide/Couch remote light, I remember I saw it on some obscure website but where did that picture and/or the website went… Absolutely no idea.

Besides, given how old the 4030 is, I heavily doubt some wound up with remote strobes paired with them :mrgreen:

I remember a while ago I saw a picture of a projector horn (not sure if it was the 4030) with a Gentex strobe underneath it. I guess the school’s way of making the alarms ADA compliant.