Simplex 4050-80 Datasheet

Here’s the datasheet that came with a 4051+4050-80 that I recently purchased. The sketch of the horn on the back appears to be a 4040 rather than a 4050. Interestingly, Federal Signal’s horns seem to fit better on the plate than Faraday’s devices. This is for the later model with the stubbier lens that was available with a flasher circuit. I’ve included a picture showing the minor differences between my older 4050-82, 4050-80, and 4050-85.

I got one on eBay that came with the data sheet too. It was one with the single bulb and no FIRE lettering. It was sold by this seller whose username was Hot something. it was $28 bucks.

Interesting…I like seeing old fire alarm manuals.

Why did some light plates come with the “FIRE” lettering and some didn’t?

Maybe it was a difference in age. Anyway, there are electronic horns without “FIRE” printed on them.

Most I have seen did have the lettering on them though.

The lenses were available with “FIRE” lettering as an option.

There was also an earlier example of the 4050-80s that had WHITE “FIRE” lettering. I have only seen this in one system:

My “regular” 4050-80 from 1977 has the black “FIRE” lettering. I am guessing the older longer lens style may have been new-old-stock for quite a while. Those two videos of that 2001-8001 system SimplexTech uploaded has that older lens variation, and he also noted the system was installed in 1980 (back before the comments got disabled.)

The datasheet mentions “Especially suited for Hospitals and Nursing Homes.” However, it seems Simplex used them in a LOT of places besides those. I have seen them in schools, college campus buildings, offices, etc. They were rather popular back in the 1970s. (There is even a post office in a neighboring town that I can tell originally had them; now they have TrueAlert horn/strobes on adapter plates the size of 4050-80s.)

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I am actually willing to bet the earlier 4050-80s with the longer lens were actually made for Simplex by Federal Signal, and the version with the stubbier lens and “FIRE” lettering by Faraday (because the light circuitry on that is sort of similar to the 2903 light plates…)

I’ve never seen a Simplex 4050-80 with white fire lettering on it. Quite interesting indeed…

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