Simplex 4050-80 for sale?

I have been looking for a long time for a 4050-80. I want to know if anyone knows someone who has or has a 4050-80 for sale.

Best of luck: they are rare as heck, & when one does come up for sale the community pounces on it immediately.

The best advice I have is patients. I spent over 6 years looking before I finally found one recently, and it’s not guaranteed to come with a horn either. Ebay would be the best place to find one. Sometimes you can find one with the correct keywords, they may not always be listed as a 4050-80 light plate, I’ve seen them marketed as just “simplex light plate”, I’ve also seen them listed as “simplex 4050”. If I’d known several years ago that the 4050-80 light plate would become very rare, I would’ve bought a lot. They’re used to be listings for 4050-80 light plates with horns for like $50.

thanks for the info! i’ll keep my eyes peeled for one. although i dont know if i will even be able to find one.