Simplex 4051 question

Hello. Im new here in search of a little help.

Forgive me if this is obvious and I’m asking stupid questions however this is something that has bothered me for little while.

I’m from London, UK and attended a school there that had Simplex 4051 horns installed with what I believe to be a 4208 panel. I think it was installed during the mid 1970’s. I’m interested in knowing how this came about and is this an oddity?. If its not then my apologies. Thank you.

It’s not an oddity at all. There were AC and DC versions of the Simplex 4208 panel. The K-8 school I went to for kindergarten was built in 1974 with a 24-VDC Simplex 4208 system with 4051 horns on 4050-80 light plates. (Most of the old stuff is still intact as of this typing, but there is also now a Simplex 4010 panel tied into the 4208 (for system monitoring, new duct detectors and a modular building that has Wheelock MTs.) DC systems were becoming more common during the 1970s, though I think they did cost more than 120-VAC fire alarm systems…

What IS odd how there was a Simplex fire alarm system with 4051s installed in London, England during the 1970s. I don’t know much about European fire alarm companies…

The location does seem strange. I will just assume an installer over here got hold of some simplex devices and put them up to see how they worked! :smiley: thanks for your reply.

I only thought that the UK used sounders and not actual horns in their systems also.