SImplex 4100 Installation Manual

Hello I am trying to find a Simplex 410 Installation Manual. I keep looking online and cannot find what I need.

Since I cannot currently visit the site I am trying to find out how a node communicates to a transponder. I understand it will need communication but I need to see that wiring diagram to see how the audio comes into the transponder. I would think a seperate pain of wires but I need to verify. All I keep finding is the 4100 U / EZ and their TIC cards.

Thanks in advance !!!

I take it this is a 4100+ panel. There is no single manual for 4100+ installation manual. However, if you can tell me more about the system I probably can help. There will be separate twisted shielded pair cables. One for the communication and another for audio. If there are fire fighter phones there is a third TSP cable for that.

If this is a miniplex transponder system the communication will be from an RUI card (565-217) in the main panel to an RIC (565-233) in the transponder. Audio runs from the output of a 25 volt amplifier in the main panel to the amplifier input in the transponder. There should be rack end terminals in each panel for the audio.

If this is a network system the transponder is a node with a master controller card in it. Communication is between the network cards. Audio can be the same as a miniplex system or the remote transponder node can have an audio controller which has an input for network audio.

I can’t be more exact than that without details on the system.


Thanks for the reply. There are 5 Nodes with audio and all of the Nodes have transponders coming off of them. I would go out to the site to check the wiring but they are now letting anyone in at the moment.

So the network communication communication both comm and audio terminate on the motherboard of the Network card? or just the comm and the audio riser goes in and out of that big audio card.

As for the transponder I can see where the comm wires land on the RIC card ( 4100U install manual had it) but the audio goes straight to the amp? or to the bottom of the RIC card where it says Mic.

It would be nice to have good cutsheets of all these cards so I could get a good visual.

Thanks again

Here is a download link of the field wiring diagrams from my Dropbox.

<LINK_TEXT text=“Dropbox - Error … 1.pdf?dl=0”>Dropbox - 841-731.pdf - Simplify your life</LINK_TEXT>

Pages to look at first.

Page 63 - Master audio node NVCC to remote nodes which are complete panels with audio controller.

page 73 - Audio riser from main panel to remote nodes with amplifier only. The remotes show as UT but the same applies for miniplex transponders. This uses terminal blocks on the end of a bay on each can.

Page 95 - Panel to miniplex transponder communications using RUI.

Only the network comm land on the network card.

The audio does not land on the RIC. That terminal strip on the bottom only goes to the connector above it. That is used in an annunciator with a remote microphone. It is the tie point between the microphone plug and the TSP cables going back to the main panel audio controller remote mic input.

This should get you started. I’ll look for more. Don’t know if I have much other. Most of how this goes together is in my head.