Simplex 4100ES FACP EOL Announcement

Damn, what a shame! Must be time for the 5100ES now

definitely not an april fools joke Index of /files/april-fools

As long as it works with the truesquirt smokeler head like the 5100u and 4020es


Yeah: the 4100ES’s too much of a cash cow for JCI to discontinue it now (especially with no replacement ready/handy).

Best thing I have seen all day :joy:

That one’s been around for years lol, think I remember first seeing it around 2018 or so.

Yeah. I joined the forums less than a year ago so I haven’t seen everything yet.

I honestly do think that it would be nice if sprinklers were somehow able to each individually wire into a fire panel.

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Like 1 flow switch per sprinkler? I can see where you’re coming from, but it’ only really seems necessary to have 1 per floor or standpipe even as it’s pretty obvious which one has been tripped

I have actually been dreaming up a system where each section of a building has a flow switch that wires into the panel separately, a valve is put right after the flow switch for local sprinkler cutoff, and a water compressor, again, one for each area, turns on if flow is detected for a better sprinkler pressure in the area.