Simplex 4120 (4100+)

This is most likely a long shot, but….does anyone here have the capability to program a Simplex 4120 (4100+)? I’ve owned a 4120 panel with voice for a while now and have been looking to have its original configuration wiped since it has about 70 devices, a network card and a bunch of other stuff programmed into it that is no longer in use. I would like to replace it with a simple configuration with a couple of addressable pull stations and detectors just to get the system normal and ready for a mock system it will be a part of down the line. I don’t want the software and am not looking for access to it myself, I’m just looking for someone with the ability to wipe the existing job and replace it with a new one. Thanks.

Just to let you know: the 4120 is a 4100-series panel that’s part of a networked system last I checked, thus it’s not the same as a 4100+ (or at least is identical to a 4100-series panel except with the addition of a network card). The programming software for large Simplex panels like the 4100-series is also very hard if not impossible to come by.

I figured finding someone with the capability of programming a proprietary near 30 year old panel would be difficult if not impossible as you mentioned. Nonetheless, I figured I’d put this out there just to see.

It’s not just older ones like the 2120 & 4100-series: even Simplex’s current large panel, the 4100ES, & the others in the ES-series (4007ES & 4010ES) have proprietary software.

which can only be obtained by either working for TycoSimplexGrinnel (Johnson Controls) or by being a licensed distributor for them.

Well are you able to go through menus and see which programmer revision it is running? It’s a lot easier to prepare a configuration running the same system firmware as otherwise you would need to upgrade/downgrade the firmware of a lot of components.

Your best bet is to get a simplex download cable and extract what you have.